Business Office and Financial Reporting

Jenks Public Schools is part of the public school system of Oklahoma, under the general direction and control of the State Board of Education, and is financially dependent on the State of Oklahoma for support. The District maintains financial records in accordance with reporting provisions of the Oklahoma State Department of Education and submits fiscal data in electronic form, as mandated.

Vendor Information

To become a Jenks Public School vendor, complete the JPS New Vendor Registration Form and attached W9 Form. If you, or a company representative, will be performing services on JPS school grounds you must also complete a Service Provider Affidavit. The conditions listed in Jenks Terms and Conditions apply to all vendors.

Business Office Staff

  • CFO/Treasurer, Cody Way

  • Director of Financial Services, Carrie Pyle

  • Director of Purchasing, Doug Karnes

  • Accounts Payable Coordinator, Carla Schnake

  • Accounting Clerk, Elaine Asher

  • Activity Fund Custodian, Karen Goddard

  • Activity Fund Clerk, Melissa Gonzalo

  • Administrative Assistant/Assistant Treasurer, Melani Holland

  • Encumbrance Clerk/Grants Monitor, Anita Greenley

  • Insurance Coordinator, Jaime Resendiz

  • Insurance Specialist, Jasmine Manning

  • Payroll Coordinator, Elena Madrid

  • Payroll Specialist, Kristen Ramsey

  • Payroll Clerk, Millie Wright

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