Voters Approve Jenks Public Schools 2024 Bond Propositions

JPS voters approved two separate bond propositions totaling $19,000,000 by a margin of 81.4% to 18.6%. Jenks’ voters have now approved 60 of the past 61 bond issues for Jenks Public Schools. The bond dollars will be used for the following purposes:

·      District-wide equipment
·      District-wide facilities management equipment/repairs
·      District-wide printing improvements
·      District-wide safety improvements
·      District-wide technology
·      District-wide textbooks and media equipment
·      District-wide transportation
·      East Elementary Building C secured entrance
·      Northwest Elementary playground/outdoor learning addition
·      Phase I Sharp Center renovation/expansion
·      Phase I Tennis Facility upgrades
·      Phase III expansion of Freshman Academy
·      Trojan Aquatic Center improvements to HVAC/pump room mechanical systems
·      West Elementary Building F awning expansion

“Year after year, we are grateful to the parents, patrons, and JPS employees for supporting these bond issues,” stated Dr. Stacey Butterfield, Superintendent of Jenks Public Schools. “The passage of these bonds allows our schools to continue to provide essential resources for our students, while upgrading and expanding our facilities to continuously improve and set all students up to succeed. This is common practice at JPS, but it is never something we take for granted. We simply could not do what we do without the unwavering support of this entire community. Thank you!”

Passage of this bond will not increase property taxes. Click here for a detailed description of the bond items listed above and dollar amounts for each item.

Dr. Butterfield headshot

Thank you Voters!

Jenks Public Schools 2024 Approved Bond Projects

Freshman Academy Classroom

Freshman Academy

Third round of bond funding for Phase III expansion/renovation of Freshman Academy. When construction is complete Phase III will include a new media center, science classrooms, and additional classroom space.

Trojan Head

Tennis Facility

First round of bond funding for upgrades including resurfaced courts, new locker room/ training space and spectator seating.

Sharp Center

Sharp Center

First round of bond funding for Phase I expansion/renovation of Sharp Center. When complete Sharp Center project will include new classrooms, training spaces, and expanded weight room.

Trojan Head

East Elementary

Secured entrance at Building C.

Jenks West Elementary Building F

West Elementary

Building F awning expansion in the parent pickup/drop off oval.

Aquatic Center

Trojan Aquatic Center

Improvements to HVAC and Mechanical Systems.

Northwest Elementary Playground

Northwest Elementary

Playground/outdoor addition to the northeast side of the building.

Trojan Head

District Wide

Facilities management equipment, printing improvements, safety, transportation, textbooks and media equipment, and technology.