Prerequisite Eligibility Checklist, Information, and Links

Requirements for ALL Student-Athletes

Jenks Public Schools and the OSSAA have a list of prerequisite eligibility requirements for students involved in sanctioned athletic programs. Athletes obtain eligibility to practice and compete on behalf of the school by providing our department with this information upon making a team. All items outlined below must be fulfilled annually after May 1st of every year.

We strongly advise parents to take advantage of the mass physical event (Early May) and the mass drug testing event (Early August) that we host every year to help you knock out the two hardest requirements before school starts. If you prefer having physicals done with your primary care physician, please shift those appointments to the summer if possible. Drug testing must be done at our contracted lab. 

Note: If you are transferring into the Jenks Public Schools district, you will NOT be able to fill out your online forms until the student-athlete is viewable by staff in PowerSchool. Most transfers will be unable to access our RankOne system until July at the earliest. Please reach out if you need earlier access and have a Jenks student ID number for the 2023-2024 school year so we can assist you directly.

PreReq Checklist, Information, & Links

Pre-requisite eligibility checklist for student athletes attending jenks public schools.


Due to recent policy updates, Jenks student-athletes have two options to complete their medical history and physical evaluation requirements this year. Please select only ONE of the options listed below to turn in for your preparticipation requirement.

Incomplete forms will not be accepted and all parties listed (Medical providers, parents/legal guardians, and students) must fill out the sections specifically designated for their input.

Blank copies of both forms are available in the athletic department if students are unable to print at home.

Option One: Preparticipation Physical Evaluation Form

Option Two: Medical Eligibility Form


Mandatory Online Forms (Updated for 2024-2025)

  • Emergency Consent/Travel Consent/Insurance Information

  • OSSAA Eligibility Form

  • Recruiting & Amateurism Acknowledgments

  • Health & Safety Acknowledgments

  • Student Athlete Conduct Acknowledgment

  • Biological Sex Affidavit

  • Football Safety (FOOTBALL ONLY)

Click link to register and fill out online documents

PARENTS: if you complete all online forms and other requirements and your child is still showing as ineligible in RankOne, please contact the athletic department (x2214 or 

DRUG TESTING (9th - 12th Grades ONLY)

Updated information for 2024-2025 coming soon.

Please read ALL instructions before paying for and completing a drug test. The Jenks Athletic Department will not be held responsible for any errors regarding payment if instructions are not followed.

Cost: $35.00 via GoFan; must present mobile ticket and photo ID


NOTE: The ticket will have a summer date on it, which you can disregard. This ticket will work during all of TEAM Professional Services business hours so that you can go to the lab at your convenience.

  1. Please purchase a Drug Test Appointment Ticket $35.00 at the GoFan link listed above.

  2. If you are under 18 and attending your individual drug test WITHOUT a parent or guardian present, please fill out and complete this form: Parent/Guardian Consent Form for Drug Testing

  3. Then take your mobile ticket and student photo ID to TEAM Professional Services AFTER JULY 1ST, 2024:

TEAM Professional Services: 8165 S. Mingo Rd., Suite 100 Tulsa, OK 74133-4667
Hours: Monday-Friday 8:00 AM-4:30 PM; although doors are open until 5:00 PM, the lab will not check anyone in for testing after 4:30 PM.

  1. At the front desk, you will need to have the ticket open on your phone and your photo ID in hand. A TEAM staff member will then validate your ticket by touching a link on your phone. DO NOT validate the ticket yourself or it will have to be reset by a member of the athletic department.

Please note: the Jenks Athletic Department will not accept results from other labs.