Q & A

I have received a Rejection Submission email now what? 

The email is sent to the parent or guardian letting them know that we are missing something to complete the enrollment process.  Read the email, gather the missing document,  obtain a current shot record, or answer the missed question.  The email will indicate what is missing. Once you have what is missing, click the link on the email, go back into your child's account, upload the missing document or answer the question. Submit the enrollment. If we need anything further we will reach out to you through email, check your email regularly for updates to your child's enrollment.

No Zoned-the system is stating that my address is not in Jenks District.

Continue on with your enrollment, we review all enrollments and part of that is looking at addresses. If you are out of the district we will email you with an update status of your enrollment. If you are in the district we will review the remaining information and try to complete the enrollment process.

Submission date and time.

Enrollments are reviewed by date and time of submission with the goal of approving the enrollment.  Enrollments that are incomplete will be held until all documents and questions on the enrollment have been provided. Once the enrollment has been resubmitted we will then process the enrollment based on the resubmission date of the enrollment form not the original submission date or time.

I enrolled on the wrong year, now what?

Unfortunately enrollments cannot be transferred from one year to another. An email will be sent to the parent/guardian letting them know that the enrollment cannot be processed on the wrong year.  A new enrollment will need to be completed by the parent/guardian on the correct year.

I need to complete the online forms.  Online forms can be accessed from any computer, your mobile phone or you may go to your public library.

Can someone else enroll my child for me?  Parents and guardians are the only people who may enroll a student into Jenks Public Schools.

I am required to add a date to the following question. When was the first time your student was enrolled into a US school? (mm/dd/yyyy). My child will be going into PreK or Kindergarten for the first time, now what? Please add the first day of school, this could be a future date.

I have completed the online forms, now what? 

Prior to submitting your forms upload your documents, if you have already submitted your enrollment you can click the edit button and go back into the account. Upload the missing information and resubmit, if you are missing information we will send you a rejection email .

I am having problems with Parent Portal? Click here and enter your CURRENT email address to view your username. Follow the instructions to reset your password if necessary.

Back to School Registration help? If you need assistance with Parent Portal, contact your child's school site or go to the JPS Enrollment Center (951 West Main Street in Jenks) or send an email to enrollment.center@jenksps.org or call 918-298-0338. The Enrollment Center is open from 7:30 a.m.-4:00 p.m. Monday-Friday. Please arrive no later than 3 p.m. to allow time for assistance. All information added to Back-to-School Registration will not be added until this summer. If something needs attention prior, please contact the Enrollment Center.

Parent/Guardian 3 and 4? If this does not fit your family dynamics, you may use this section for Emergency Contacts. Complete all fields on this section, choose the relationship of that person to the student. The system will move the information to our student management system, (SIS) as an emergency contact based on the relationship not the heading. Be sure to add the person on the priority list as well, this will determine the order that the person will be contacted if needed.

Where do I enroll my child?   You are no longer required to come to the Enrollment Center to complete the enrollment process, everything can be completed online at your home.  You will be asked to upload your documents onto the enrollment forms, once all information has been received, we will email you. Please watch your email for updates until your child has been approved for enrollment.

I enrolled my child/ren for the remainder of 2023-2024, the district has sent me a notification to complete the Back-to-School registration. Do I need to complete this since I just enrolled my child/ren? Yes, the information that is contained on the Back-to-School forms has new information that is needed for the 2024-2025 school year. All parents whose children will attend JPS for the 24-25 school year are required to complete the Back-to-School registration. Children who are new to JPS and enrolling for the 2024-2025 will not complete the Back-to-School update. If you have not created your parent portal account, you will need to do this to complete the Back-to-School update. Contact your child's school for assistance with the parent portal.

School hours for 2024-2025? Click Here

Intra-District Transfers? Click Here

Information regarding Native American Education? Click Here

Native American Education 506 form? Click Here

I need information regarding immunizations for my children or I need an exemption form. Oklahoma Immunization/Exemption Form

I need a Chromebook.  Contact your child's school for assistance.

I need proof of enrollment. Please contact your child's school.

I need a signature for my child's clothing voucher who do I contact? Contact the Native American Office located at the Education Service Center or go to your child's school.

I already have a student enrolled at Jenks do I need to provide a current proof of residence to enroll another student who is not currently attending Jenks Public School? Yes, all students who are new or students who have previously attended and wanting to enroll into Jenks must present a current proof of residence.

What if I need to withdraw my student from school?  Contact the school that your student is currently attending.

I have moved from my current address what do I need to do? Please email a current proof of residence to the Enrollment Center with a driver's license and complete a change form.  Please Note- Only the legal parent or guardian will be able to change a student's information.  Enrollment email for residence is enrollment.residence@jenksps.org

My child is sick who do I call?  Please contact your child’s school to report all absences and early dismissals.

Power of Attorney or a notarized document?  We do not accept Power of Attorney.

I need to update my phone numbers or my emergency contacts who do I need to contact?  Phone numbers, emails and emergency contacts can be updated through your parent portal account. Click on YRU. YRU will not be available while the Back-to School update is open. If you need to update your address or make a legal change, send the appropriate document/s to enrollment.residence@jenksps.org. Changes regarding address or legal changes will not occur without documentation.

Our family has had a legal change and I need to update the family information what do I need to do?  If there has been a divorce, adoption, protective order, name change or guardianship has changed please email the documents to the Enrollment Center, enrollment.center@jenksps.org with Court Documents reflecting the change and update your child's information.  Please include your child's name, school site, grade and ID number.