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School Counseling


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The primary role of a school counselor is to help students learn and develop to their highest potential, socially, emotionally, and academically. Because there are so many situations that interfere with a child’s learning process, the Southeast counselors are here to help students work through those concerns. We provide students with early interventions as well as preventative strategies so that ALL students benefit. Counseling is a nonjudgemental, safe environment for everyone. The counselors are not  disciplinarians or  therapists. The primary services that are provided by the counselors include: classroom lessons, group counseling, and individual counseling.


Other Services Offered…

*Character Education– a school-wide program to teach, promote, and recognize good character traits among students. Bullying awareness and education also addressed.

*Consultation/Collaboration with teachers and parents

*Parenting Skills – meetings/referrals available upon request, as well as education classes offered by the district throughout the year.


Counseling Techniques

Techniques used in classroom,

individual, and group counseling



􀂙 Role-playing             􀂙 Hands-on Activities

􀂙 Stories/Books           􀂙 Counseling Games

􀂙 Skill Building             􀂙 Goal Setting

􀂙 Student Contracts    􀂙 Worksheets

􀂙 Art Media                 􀂙 Discussions

􀂙 Puppetry                  􀂙 Videos, Music

􀂙 Journaling