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Book Log/Comprehension questions:

Fill out your reading log for the most recent book you read and have your parents ask you three comprehension questions that are in your Reader’s Notebook. 

Click HERE to access parents' questions. 

Click HERE to access the reading log home. 


Dear parents, many of your children have important homework tonight as well as for the rest of the week. The students spent last week researching an argumentative topic. Today they filled out an outline over this topic and are in the middle of drafting their argumentative five-paragraph essay. At least three of the five paragraphs should be written tonight if they didn’t get that far in class. The entire rough draft is due Wednesday. If your child was absent but is not sick, s/he needs to write the outline and three paragraphs of their essay this this evening. Last week and this week we are preparing for the three-day district writing assessment that begins next Monday. Unless your child is sick, please send him to school the rest of this week through next Wednesday. Below is the email I sent last Thursday regarding homework. Thanks for your support, Sharen


Email sent last Thursday, April 30:

If your child was absent any day this week, they need to work at home to catch up. If they have questions about the work they missed, they can text or call me: 918.494.0712. It is important that absentee students complete this work as it is in preparation for the district writing test to be administered May 11-13. Barring sickness, I encourage your child to have good attendance between now and May 13. (Not that attendance doesn’t matter after that. J)



LA Homework through next Friday


Due last Friday, May 1:

Two T-charts for argumentative essay topic one.

(All but three students have finished this in class.)


Due Monday, May 4:

Two T-charts for argumentative essay topic two.

(Students will have entire language arts time Friday to finish this research.)


DueTuesday, May 5:

Outline and first three paragraphs of argumentative rough draft.

(Note 1: Students will select the topic that has the strongest reasons and evidence.

 Note 2: Students will have the language arts class time Monday to write the essay.)



Due Wednesday, May 6:

The entire argumentative rough draft (five paragraphs)

Book Log


Due Thursday, May 7:

Final draft of essay saved and shared in  google docs and posted on Edmodo. Students may add pictures if they would like.



Due Friday, May 8:

Mayan Research Product



Edmodo info:


  • Parents, Edmodo is an educational, protected website, which allows the students and I to have a forum for discussion as well as a place to publish their works. It has assumed a look similar to facebook. More information is available on the edmodo page on my website. It is the last page on my menu.
    •  user name: firstnamelastname (and if need be birthday) For example: sharenswagerty426 
    • password: lunch ID number
















































































































































































Homework for Week of April 7

Tuesday: Finish filling out the even numbers of the Debate Outline if not finished in the computer lab on Tuesday. (You should have three strong reasons supporting your viewpoint with ample evidence.)


Wednesday: Finish filling out the Rebuttal information for the odd numbers of the Debate Outline if not finished in class on Wednesday. Your opponent will give you his/her three reasons.


Thursday: Practice reciting your part of the debate.


Friday: Read




Study your Argumentative Vocabulary definitions (passed out in class Monday, April 7, as well as emailed to parents. ily from your new book.




Tuesday-Thursday: Read 20-25 minutes from chapter book & bring it daily to class. Your book needs to be finished by this Thursday, April 3. Reading log is due this Friday, April 4.

Friday-Sunday: Read 20-25 minutes daily from your new book.


Monday-Friday: Read 20-25 minutes from chapter book & bring it daily to class. Current book needs to be finished by Thursday, April 3. Reading log is due Friday, April 4.


Students selected a published poem and recited them today. The first eight lines were memorized. If anyone has not recited, please bring poem tomorrow ready to recite.



Fill out your reading log for the most recent book you read and have your parents ask you three comprehension questions that are in your Reader’s Notebook.  Click HERE if you forgot to bring the questions home. Click HERE if you forgot to bring the reading log home. Bring you log to class Friday.



Click to access the following files: 

Poetry due dates

Required poems: (in addition to the haiku, cinquain, & diamonte that have already been turned in)

Whatif poem

What Am I? and Extended Metaphor

Sensory poem

Six-Room poem

Six-Room Chart

Choose any four of the following eight poems:

Escape & Concrete poems

When I Grow Up

ABC poem

If I were in charge of the world template

Autobiographical & Limerick

Theme Song of Your Life




Monday: Free choice poem #1 FD

Tuesday: Free choice poem #2 FD is optional (for extra credit); practice your poem reading

 Wednesday: Free choice poem #3 FD

 Thursday: Free choice poem #4 FD & bring the poem you’ll be reading to class every day starting tomorrow

 Friday: Completed poetry book 

Poem to be read (first 8 lines memorized)



Note: If you have internet, please post your poems on edmodo.


 Type What am I? and Extended Metaphor poems. Final drafts to be turned in Wednesday. Computer time to type them will be given.


Type Sensory poem. Final draft to be turned in Thursday.  Time to write rough draft will be given in class.


  Six-Room poem graphic organizer due Friday. Will have time to work on it in class.


 Type Six-Room poem. Final draft to be turned in Monday. Will have Friday to write the rough draft.


Homework for week of February 10

Monday: finish typing “What If” poem.

Tuesday: Decorate cover of Poetry book. However, if you’re wanting to buy some supplies and would like an extension, just email me, and that will be fine.

Wednesday: Select poem that you will recite. (You will memorize the first eight lines, then read the rest.) If you’re last name starts with A-M, your poem may be humorous or dramatic. If your last name starts with N-Z, your poem should be more serious, perhaps dramatic and/or have a theme. (In other words, you wouldn’t choose a poem by Shel Silverstein or Jack Prelutsky). They are both very good poets, but I want you to be exposed to a variety of poems. Recital of poems will take place Wednesday, March 5.

Thursday: What am I? (personification riddle poem) rough draft due Friday.

Friday: Extended Metaphor poem rough draft due Tuesday, Feb. 18.

Note: Due to poetry assignments, the next book log is postponed to Wednesday, March 12.


Dear students and parents, my Java Script has been updated and I once again can access my website. Sorry for the interrupted interval.




  1. Read from your chapter book.
  2. The book needs to be finished by next Thursday, Jan. 30.
  3. The book log is due next Friday, Jan. 31


  1. Write down at least three songs that could be your own personal theme song. Write them in your writer’s notebook and on a sheet of paper that you will turn in to me.
  2. Read


  1. Write down five of your favorite places in your writer’s notebook.
  2. Read

Friday: Read


 Biography Research presentations begin today.

current chapter book should be finished and written down on your book log.  Have parent conference you and sign your book log.  

Thursday, Jan. 9: I will examine your parent's signature on book log and give you a grade for this.

To access a copy of the biography guidelines, click HERE

To access a copy of the Research Graphic Organizer, click HERE 

Click HERE to see examples of Personification Riddles.

Click below to access Edmodo's loggin page.   


  Click on picture below to access NaNo Writing Club:                 

Link for book log: Click HERE

Link for conference questions to ask student upon finishing a book: Click HERE


You will have the class period Wednesday to finish your research or to work on your presentation.

1. Turn in biography graphic organizer tomorrow.

2. Be ready to present tomorrow.



       Read at least one online article on your famous person. Take notes on the answers to these 4 questions. You will give a presentation on Dec. 12. See my website page on Biography Research Guidelines for project choices if you left your hard copy at school.  

          a. Why is this person famous? What is her/his impact on the world?

          b. What conflicts/problems did your person face? What did they have to overcome?

          c. What character traits helped your person realize his dreams? Discuss at least two traits and

               give examples.

         d. What do you admire or dislike about your person? Explain why? Or, how are you and your 

               person alike? different? Give examples.




      Read at least another online article on your famous person. Continue answering the four questions listed above.





Read (Your current book may be fiction or non-fiction.) See me if you were absent Monday to make up a quiz on revising and editing.



Read  (If absent see me for directions to completing a Character Research Card.)


Read  (If absent see me about writing a comparison contrast paragraph on the book vs. the movie of Freak the Mighty.)




  1. Bring home Reader's Notebook where your log and comprehension questions are. On your reading log, write down information for the last book you finished and have your parents orally ask you three comprehension questions. Then ask your parent to circle S, N, or U and initial it.
  2. Finish reading fiction book before this Wednesday.




  1. Finish reading your fiction book tonight if you havenât yet.
  2. If you have the book at home, bring it to class tomorrow to refer to when completing your book sharing activity.
  3. Read  two I Am Personification riddles, giving positive feedback on each.




  1. Read
  2. Post your character sketch letter and Fairy Tale parody on edmodo
  3. Locate your parentâs code on edmodo and give it to them.



1.  Read

2. On edmodo, comment positively about two of your classmate's parodies.




  1. Read fiction book 20 minutes or more daily.
  2. Finish typing final draft of Character Sketch Letter (turn in tomorrow)



  1. Read
  2. Improve scores on 2f (Characters) & 4b (Supporting & Developing Topics)



  1. Read
  2. Finish 2k (Point of View) & 4c (Transitions)



  1. Finish the two thank you letters (Donors Choose) if you didn'™t finish in class.
  2. Read



  1. Complete  2k (Point of View) & 4c (Transitions)
  2. Read

Link for Parody example: Click HERE

Link for Character Sketch letter Requirement: Click HERE

Link for Character Sketch rubric: Click HERE

Link for example of friendly letter (also models the character sketch letter): Click HERE



Friday, Sept. 20 (this weekend):

  • Finish writing Fairy Tale parody rough draft (bring to class Monday)
  • Finish taking Study Island 2 b Inferences and 2 c Theme (due by Sunday evening)
  • Read (fiction book needs to be finished by next Wednesday.)


Monday, Sept. 23:

  • Type final draft of the Fairy Tale parody (Turn in Tuesday, Sept. 24.)
  • Read

Tuesday, Sept. 24:

  • Read
  • Be working on Study Island 2f and 4b if not finished in computer lab


Wednesday, Sept. 25:

  • Finish reading fiction book. Will write the rough draft of the first book sharing (the character trait letter) in class Thursday.


Thursday, Sept. 26:

  • Finish writing rough draft of character trait letter if you didn’t finish in class. Bring rough draft to class Friday.


Friday, Sept. 27:

  • Finish Study Island 2f (Characters) and 4b (Support and Developing Topics)
  • Read 20 minutes


Monday, Sept. 30

  • Read 20 minutes (next book again will be fiction, but any genre allowed)





  1. Read
  2. Finish your library book (that you will use for your first book sharing, character trait letter) by next Wednesday, Sept. 25.
  3. Finish Study Island Diagnostic Test and 2aTextual Evidence if not finished. www.studyisland.com 


  1. Select the fairy tale you plan to parody in class Friday. 

       2.    Read


  1.  select fairy tale and voice  last night, then tonight do so. 

       2.    Read


  1. Type final draft of fairy tale parody between today and Monday night (unless your parent has signed that you do not have a printer). (The final draft is due Tuesday and will be collected for a grade.) However, if rough draft was not finished in class, it is homework and must be done by Monday. You will get three grades:  Read! Book must be finished by next Wednesday.
    1. one for how well you stayed on task during the lessons and while writing your RD
    2. two for having completed a RD that is at least 200 words long
    3. three: for a quality FD.







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