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April 11, 2016


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Differentiated Instruction is teaching with the child in mind rather than adopting a standardized approach to teaching and learning that seems to presume that all students of a given age are at the exact same place academically. DI is responsive teaching.
Differentiated Instruction gives students a range of ways to access curriculum, instruction and assessment. DI engages students to interact and participate in the classroom in a richer way. It is based on the assumption that all students differ in their learning styles, strengths, needs and abilities and that classroom activities should be adapted to meet these differences


September Homework- Due September 30th

January Homework- Due, January 29th

February Homework- Due, February 29th

March Homework-due March 31 and or Cereal book report

April Homework- Due April 29th and or Cereal book report from last month