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Snack Calendar:



We will have snack time each day at 2:00. A healthy snack will be provided to each child everyday at this time. Snack will be provided by families on a volunteer basis. I will send out an E-Mail each month with a snack calendar attached. Extra snacks to have on hand are always welcomed to stock up our snack supply! 


PLEASE remember that no items that contain peanuts may be brought to school due to high allergies of some students. 


Thank you for all of your help! 

Healthy Snack Choices:

Boxes of fruit including raisins and cranberries 

Packages of fruit cups (packed in water or light syrup)

Packages of applesauce

Packages of chex mix

Boxes of whole grain cereal

Baked/light chips 

Bags of animal crackers

Boxes of baked fish shaped crackers

Bags of pretzel sticks or twists

Boxes of multi grain bars

Packages of fig bars

Packages of fruit snacks

Packages of pudding (that need no refrigeration)