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Reading Workshop


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During Readers Workshop we spend time refining our reading strategies. We spend time reading to self, reading with a buddy, reading with the teacher, and even writing about our thinking. In order to leave tracks of what we think we have to listen to our thoughts and be able to speak or write them. At home when your child reads to you here are some questions you can ask them...

What are you thinking?

What did you learn?

What does this remind you of?

What do you wonder?

What makes you say that?

What did you learn that was important to remember?

How did you come up with that?

*** Just remember, your kiddos may not always be ready to answer  your question right then but just leaving the conversation open will help them know you are a willing participant in their thinking. As they become more confident they will be able to share their thoughts.


This website above you can paste to your address bar. It will send you to a website where you can look up books for your child that are "Just Right Books."