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Music Curriculum


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The Curriculum for the Elementary Music Classes is based on the PASS Objectives of the State of Oklahoma (Priority Academic Students Skills) and the National Standards for Music.

The Four Major Areas Are:

  1. Demonstrate the ability to sing and play instruments
  2. Demonstrate the ability to create music
  3. Demonstrate the ability to respond to music
  4. Demonstrate an understanding of music within a multi-disciplinary context.

These areas can be broken down into more detail:

Expressive Qualities of music

Dynamics (loud and soft)

Tempo (fast or slow)

Articulation (What are the names of notes?)

Vocal/Instrumental Tone Color (high, low, dark, bright)

Beat/Meter (can students keep a steady beat?)

Rhythm (long and short sounds in a group)

Pitch (how high or low a sound is)

Melody (a group of pitches)


Form/Structure (how is the song put together? Ex: Verse/chorus/verse)

Cultural/Historical Context (Why was this song written? When was this song written?)



The Kodaly Method of notation reading is used in all Jenks Elementary music classes. 



Classroom Participation

Attitude/ Classroom Cooperation

Written Assessments