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Discipline Plan

September 06, 2011


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Discipline Plan

On the board there are stars with each child's name.  When a child breaks a rule, a verbal warning is given and told what rule has been broken.  The child is also told if he/she breaks the rule again, the star will drop.  If the child breaks the rule again, the star drops for the day and doesn't earn a point that day.  Hitting, kicking or biting another child is NOT accepted at school so that's an automatic loss of a child's star - NO WARNINGS!

On the wall next to the stars is a chart with all the children's names on it.  This is how I keep track of the points the children accumulate and after earning 5 points the children get a trip to the Treasure Chest for one sticker!  Then they start over earning their next 5 points again.  This is done at the end of the day.