Website Scavenger Hunt

by Sharen Swagerty


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Mrs. Swagerty's Website Scavenger Hunt 

Answer questions 1-5 on notebook paper to be turned in Tuesday, Oct. 28.  Answer questions 6-10 in the feedback sections at the bottom of the website pages. When posting feedback, your e-mail is required. However, it will NOT be published. A grade will be given for completing this scavenger hunt. This will allow your second quarter grade to get off to a great start!


1. What state did I live in when I taught seventh grade? (You will find this information on my Bio page, which is where you are before you enter my website.)  

2. Click on the Just for Fun page. Scroll to the second picture and answer this question: Where was this picture of my daughter and three other students taken? 

3. On the “One Hundred Years Ago”page, scroll to the bottom of the page. Just above the feedback section, it will say “Related Sites.” Click on the link. What do you find? 

4. In my favorite poem, what did the narrator fling? 

5. Find the page entitled "A Halloween Story," and write down two topics you might considering choosing when we write our story in class Oct. 31.

Reminder: the above questions 1-5 are to be answered on notebook paper, NOT in the feedback section. Questions 6-10 below are to be answered only in the feedback sections.

6. On the “Ridiculous Labels on Everyday Products” page, which label do you find especially funny? Answer on the feedback section at the bottom of the "Ridiculous Labels" website page, so you other students can read your answer.  

7. Click on the “What is Your Learning Style?” page. Scroll to the bottom of the page. Take one of the three Right-brained/Left-brained tests listed. After you take one of the tests, it will give you a score. Post your percentage results in the feedback section at the bottom of “What is Your Learning Style?” page. (Just post the percentages, not all the details. You can keep those saved for your records.) 

8. What is one of my favorite quotes? Write your favorite quote in the feedback section at the bottom of the page where you found my quote. If you do not already have a favorite quote, "google" famous quotations and pick one out that you like. (No credit will be given for writing, "I don't have a favorite quote.")

9. On the “You know you're living in the twenty-first century when . . .” what is something that you can relate to? Write your answer in the feedback section of the “You know you're living in the twenty-first century when . . .” page.

10. Give your feedback on three more pages of your choosing.

11 and 12 are for extra credit:

11. For extra credit, post a poem that you like on "My Favorite Quote and Poem" page. It counts if you didn't have a favorite poem before today. It is fine to "google" popular/famous poems to find one you especially like.

12. For extra credit, what is my favorite children's book character?


                       Happy Autumn  and Happy Sleuthing!




Website Scavenger Hunt

Date Subject Posted by:
09/01/2011 Dear students, I had fun creating this scavenger hunt. I hope you had fun taking it. Looking forward to seeing you on Wednesday! Sharen Swagerty Sixth grade history teacher
09/01/2011 Guess What! Im 43% Left Brain and 57% Right Brain!!!!
Sophie L
Tulsa Ok
09/01/2011 I am 57.2% on my right and I am 42.8% on my left!!!!!!
Lauren simon
09/01/2011 This scavenger hunt was so fun! (Even though it took a while!) :D
Natalie the Cat Lover
09/01/2011 i was 52 percent left brain ang 48 percent right brain...i like usin logic...
angela chen
09/01/2011 I am 7 left dominance and 6 right brain dominance. Hope you have a wonderful weekend Derek JEI Student(soccer player)
09/01/2011 WHHOO! Weellllll,,,,,, I'm hyper :3 Sooo.............Ya! Cool scavenger hunt! {BTW: All of the information that you see when you hover over the true!!!!!!!} [BTW: BTW stands for by the way, just FYI ^-^ ] Kelsy The majigger Fu Funky Town Awesomely Epic
09/01/2011 This is a long scavenger hunt. But I learned many new things and had lots of fun! And also: I scored 37.2% on my right hemisphere of my brain and 62.8% on my left. Quite an imbalance. George Wang
09/01/2011 Scavenger hunt was acctually pretty fun! cant wait to see everyone Wedensday Im off to Minnesota tommorow morning and we are going to the state fair!!!! I cant wait to eat the delicious MN tradition food "Cheese Curds" YUM!!! hope everyone else is our will have a wonderful 5 day weekend!!!-Kendall :) Kendall home Dancing and being a student
09/01/2011 Kendall, loved your newsy reply. Have fun in Minnesota. I am enjoying everyone's comments. :)
Sharen Swagerty
09/01/2011 Guess what!?!?! Im a 52% on Left and 48% on Right! P.S. There are two #7
Aubrey Istnick
09/01/2011 I finally finished! I loved the scavenger hunt i showed my mom the How Clever Is Your Right Foot Thing, she was amazed! Now I'm about to go show my sisters and her friend to see their reaction! Have a FANTASTIC looooonnnnngggg Weekend! :D
Sophie the Music Lova!
Tulsa Ok
09/01/2011 i am 67% right brain and 43% left brain
Amina Hussein
Tulsa Oklahoma student
09/01/2011 i am 33% left brain and 57% right brain
Amina Hussein
09/01/2011 I loved the hunt it so fun dr. maggie unicorn tulsa, oklahoma student
09/01/2011 I loved the scavenger!! ( it's way better then regular homework!!!) this Saturday I'm going to the OU and TU game! GO OU!!!!!!
Lauren Simon
09/02/2011 I'm 57.2% right brain, 42.8% left brain noremac sirrom nowhere person
09/02/2011 There's the number 7 missing from the 21st century page!!!
Ethan the Destroyer
09/02/2011 I just now relized that there are two #7's!!!! We should both right???
Olivia Hicks
09/02/2011 Hey guess what I finised the great long hunt!!! At least I had something to do. Good-Bye website!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!LOL!!!!!!! dancer:domino(dominique) tulsa student
09/02/2011 wow mrs s, that was awesome thanx for the giggles. that was really fun!!!!
olivia hicks
09/02/2011 I went on nova ancient worlds and went on nature. I learned about some animals................Chaser the dog has 1,000 toys and con identify all the different names. You con say a name of a toy and he will go get it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! then I learned that dogs can cooperate with humans better than chimps. Last but not least two dolphins had two do something that they have never done before, and they did it!!!! It was really cool to see them do it... I hope you have a good weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!see you soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The AWESOME!!!!!!! President of the Dominique's tulsa student
09/02/2011 i was a right brain and that was really fun
delaney knorr
09/02/2011 i was a right brain
brooke bramlett
09/02/2011 go right brains!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
darcy knorr
09/03/2011 i got 52% left brain and 48% right brain!!!!!!!!
maddy worley
09/04/2011 the scavenger hunt was really fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
terra bruton
09/04/2011 i loved the scavenger hunt it was fun and i learned alot
09/04/2011 I got 46% on my left side and 54% on my right side. I loved the scavenger. Have a great labor day weekend
Andrew Kliewer
Oklahoma City
09/04/2011 I'm right
Home Student
09/04/2011 i had so much fun on the scavenger hunt i am 43% left and 57% right brained so cool!!!!!
09/04/2011 I am 41% left brain and 59% right brain
Darbi Robertson
09/04/2011 there are two number sevens
09/04/2011 This was really cool! I got 45% left and 55% right!!!! :) Sarah Cornett
09/04/2011 i am 44% left brain and 56% right brain! so far the scavenger hunt has been really fun!!!:) Over the long weekend i went to the OU game!!!:)
brooks inbody
09/04/2011 40% left 60% right!!!
sophie berry
09/05/2011 scavenger hunt was fun. went to a soccer tournament in Plano, Texas. Go ok texans!!!!!
emma vdw
tulsa ok student
09/05/2011 I'm 53% right brain and 47% left.
ryan zhu
tulsa none
09/05/2011 I found out that I am 53.2% left brain and 46.8% right brain!!!!
Grace Holliday
09/05/2011 The scavenger hunt was fun and I liked! William Chao home student/kid
09/05/2011 I am 52% LB and 48% RB.
09/05/2011 The Scavenger Hunt was fun and my results for my brain were Left Right I'm left brained who knew?! 51% 49% I played a soccer tournament in Sand Springs, OK and got runner up I will wear my medal tomorrow. :)
Comander Salimander a.k.a Sydney Jordan
Tulsa, OK soccer player/ student
09/05/2011 I am 63% left and 38% right.
maddie kizziar
09/05/2011 did anyone else notice that there are 2 7s? I I I I I I U U U U U
Micah *the pwner* Cheng
09/05/2011 omg the labels were hilarious!!! i showed them to my entire family and they laughed so hard for like ever!! lol and i have a recomendation!!! there is a christian comedian named tim hawkins, look him up on you tube he is hilarious!!! i recomend my fav video, gps and technology!!! lol you hav to watch he is so funny!!!
grace benham
tulsa ok student
09/05/2011 Grace, I just watched Tim Hawkins' gps & technology videos on you tube. You're right. Very funny!
Sharen Swagerty
Tulsa teacher
09/05/2011 that took a while:)
09/05/2011 i loved the scavenger hunt. This weekend i went to minnesota for the minnesota state fair
ally ryan
home softball player
09/05/2011 Very cool, Ally, that you went to the Minnesota State Fair. Tell Mr. Wright. He's from Minesooota, don't you know?
Sharen Swagerty
Tulsa teacher
09/05/2011 yea Micha I was just about to post that!
Aiden J.
09/05/2011 Where did you post your favorite poem
Aiden J.
09/05/2011 Aiden, you'll find it on the second to last page called "My Favorite Quote and Favorite Poem." :)
Sharen Swagerty
Tulsa teacher
09/05/2011 i love the scavenger hunt how come there is 2 number sevens
tulsa oklahoma student
09/05/2011 My favorite facts were 1. the river picks up silt to help produce topsoil 2. Cleopatra's ancestry was greek 3. Egyptions belived that people had an after life
Aiden J.
09/06/2011 I took the first test. On the left side of the brain I got 49% and 51% on the right side.
Matthew the Great R
09/06/2011 The scavenger hunt was very interesting. It took a long time to do, though. The ridiculous label pg was halarious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How long did it take you to find alll those? grant Spain person
09/06/2011 I took test #1, I'm 65% right brain and 35% left.
Trent the black belt Smith
09/06/2011 Left: 43% Right: 57% First. Man, this test is hard. I don't like these surveys at all. How about anywon else?
Ross Thompson
09/06/2011 I am donminant in my left brain. Right Brain: 39.6% Left Brain:60.4%
Evyn Fitzgerald
09/06/2011 The scavenger hunt was so fun! Can we do another one?
Lauren Behnken
Tulsa, Oklahoma Student
09/06/2011 I took the first test and I am 55% left brain and 45% right brain
Amy Adesokan
09/06/2011 I looked at The Caribbean for question 13 1. The Caribbean is divided into 3 main groups, The Bahamas, The Greater Antilles and The Lesser Antilles. 2. The Bahamas are a group of 700 islands!! 3. Cuba, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, and Hispanola are the Greater Antiles.
evyn Fitzgerald
09/06/2011 i wish there were mor funny lables
Ross Thompson
09/06/2011 Mrs. Swagerty, THIS WAS THE BEST SCAVENGER HUNT EVER!! Haha i had a lot of fun doing this! i would love to do it again.
09/06/2011 44 for the left and 56 for the right
matt m.
09/06/2011 Left Brain Right Brain I dominate in my right brain 47% 53%
jack broach
09/06/2011 On a Sears hairdryer ?? Do not use while sleeping.
jack broach
09/06/2011 i am 39%left and 61% right
clayton hughes
5725 e. 110th P.Tulsa, Ok
09/06/2011 You have two number 7's Maddie Kizziar
09/06/2011 OMG best scavernger hunt EVER!
Brittany T and Brittney D AKA the bees!
09/06/2011 A lot can be learned in this fun way
David Neumaier
Oklahoma Student
09/06/2011 This was very fun! I got 46% left brain and 54% right brain. During the break I went to Dallas to watch the LSU Tigers pwn Oregon.
Jack Bezdek
09/06/2011 I was a left brain and I really enjoyed this activity
Garrett Salyer
09/06/2011 MY RIGHT PART OF BRAIN IS 49% AND LEFT IS 51% SO SWEET!!!!!!!!!
Marwa Elsayed
09/06/2011 My Right Part Of My Brain is 49% and left is 51%. btw mrs.swagerty, i broke both of my hands on sunday and my handwriting on the page to turn in is bad so just a heads up Lol!! !!!!!!!!!! Marwa Elsayed
09/06/2011 Marwa, I was sad when I read that you broke your hands. I hope you're not in a great deal of pain! Thinking of you.
Sharen Swagerty
09/06/2011 that took a little bit but i liked it alot
chase the champ taylor
09/06/2011 Left: 38% Right: 62%
Savanna Studer
09/06/2011 This was really fun!! I loved this scavenger hunt and I'd love to do it again!! It was the most entertaining thing I've done all weekend. Thanks!!:)
Amy Adesokan
09/06/2011 so much fun! great idea!
holland h
09/06/2011 Thanks, Holland. However, all credit goes to Mr. Fields for thinking of the idea of a website scavenger hunt. If it weren't for him, the idea wouldn't have occurred to me!
Sharen Swagerty
09/06/2011 i espesially liked questions 5&11
09/06/2011 46%left 54% right. These are a lot of questions, who has time to do all this?... never mind.....
Hayden Curtis
09/06/2011 That was weird, I thought i was left handed! left 49.2% right 50.8%
09/06/2011 I am 41% Left Brain and 59% Right Brain! I had a feeling i was going to be right brained!!! EVERYONE WHO IS SAYING "I THOUGHT I WAS LEFT HANDED" YOUR RIGHT BRAIN CONTROLS THE LEFT SIDE OF YOUR BODY!!!
Audrey Keeling
09/06/2011 Your scavenger hunt was awesome but I am doing this at 9:00 at night so I am trying to rush, if I had time I would probally be having more fun. I also have school tomorrow.
Home Being a kid
09/06/2011 This scavenger hunt was fun!! I am about the same on both my left brain an right 50% to 50 %
Megan Huth
09/06/2011 I loved it! It really shows how much time and hard work you put into your website. Hope everyone's 5 day weekend was fun!!!
Aubrey Scott
09/06/2011 this weekend was alright... we got robbed though... they have my sister's car... ok maybe not the best weekend after all...
Audrey Keeling
09/06/2011 Loved the Scavenger hunt
Savanna Studer
09/06/2011 i liked it but you told us it would take about 15 to 30 minoutes it took me at least an hour and 30 min!!!
Hayden H.
09/06/2011 @ Hayden: 90 minutes? wow. my bad!
Sharen Swagerty
09/07/2011 I am 47 % Left Brain & 53% Right Brain...Interesting.
09/07/2011 50% left 51% right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
09/07/2011 scavenger hunt was fun
natalie searle
09/07/2011 i saw the help went to the drillers game and the football game
natalie searle
10/13/2012 my favorite quote is'a bird doesn't sing because it has an awnser it sings because it has a song hannah wright
10/13/2012 i loved the scavenger hunt
hannah wright
10/13/2012 I love your favorite quote, Hannah!
Mrs. Swagerty
10/15/2012 my fav quote is every one wants happiness without pain but you cant have a rainbow with out a little rain -unknown
10/15/2012 i got 26.4 on my left and 45.86 on my right. ( i did all three and found the mean )
10/15/2012 on lables i thought the super hero one was funny. one time at cherry berry's there is a container that has peanuts. at the top of the container it said " may contain peanuts " i was like duh
10/16/2012 I thought the superman label was funny
10/16/2012 im 39% left, 61% right
10/16/2012 I am 53% left and 47% right. I'm so close to being equal!!!!
10/16/2012 I like the teacher to students ones. I thought that they were hilarious! You asked ME how i spell it!
10/16/2012 A penny saved is a penny earned
Preston wagner
10/17/2012 on a bag of Fritos?? you could be a winner! no purchase necessary. details inside
Kaylen Heath
mrs powers homeroom
10/17/2012 R 56 L 44 thanks
Kaylen Heath
mrs powers homeroom
10/17/2012 mrs. swargerty: sing as if no one is listening Me:dance like no one is watching
Kaylen heath
mrs powers homeroom
10/17/2012 the maximum speed limit in most cities was 10 mph
Kaylen Heath
10/17/2012 i love your website it is rally cool and it made me laugh SO hard i did it with my grandma and she loved it as well and as much as i did have a good fall break everyone
Kaylen Heath
10/17/2012 I am 58% left and 42% right
10/17/2012 No Excuses
10/17/2012 this was fun better then regular homework!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! jose salaices
10/17/2012 your favorite quotien is by mark twain
10/18/2012 I have been enjoying your feedback. You all can write your feedback on the page you are commenting on if you want to. (Every single page has the feedback option.) Also, if you don't have an email address, you can always just use mine ( If you do use yours, it is not displayed. Hope you are all enjoying your fall break! Mrs. S
Mrs. S
10/18/2012 #15 is the one i like
kaylen Heath
10/18/2012 the S.H. was so fun and interesting.....i learned so many new things
razan eltayeb
10/19/2012 one step for man and one leap for man kind.
cameryn cearley
10/19/2012 your favorite book character is sherlock holmes
cameryn cearley
10/19/2012 my left side of my brain is 45% and my right side of my brain is 55% ah !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
cameryn cearley
anna r.
10/21/2012 i am 47% left brain and 53% right brain.
sydney swanson
10/21/2012 your favorite book character is sherlock holmes.
rebekah hults
10/21/2012 your favorite book character is winnie the pooh
sarah parenti
10/21/2012 i got 98% left 2% right
taylor hatheway
10/22/2012 I was 48 percent left brain and 52 percent right brain.
blake pitcock
10/23/2012 its very fun
10/23/2012 my favorite part of the hunt
10/24/2012 i just finished at 6:44 in the morning ps: i'm so sleepy
Daniel Hutton
10/28/2012 Any attempt is a victory Sing like nobody's listening Dance like nobody's watching Love even if nobody loves you back. One of my favorite quotes is, "If a man does his best, what else is there?" - General George Patton Jr
Josh Baker
Jenks East Intermediate Student
10/28/2012 You're reading this and nodding and laughing.
Josh Baker
Jenks East Intermediate Student
10/14/2013 this was fun!!!
jenks east intermidate school work
10/15/2013 On a child's Superman costume ?? "Wearing of this garment does not enable you to fly."
Sam Coffman
10/15/2013 The sear's hairdryer!! So funny!
Lauren Wilson
10/15/2013 i liked the hunt
10/18/2013 On a bag of Fritos ?? You could be a winner! No purchase necessary. Details inside.
Andrew Hathaway
10/18/2013 On a bag of Fritos ?? You could be a winner! No purchase necessary. Details inside.
Andrew hathaway
Jenks East Student
10/18/2013 I am 56% right brain 44% left brain
Andrew Hathaway
Jenks East Entermidate Student
10/18/2013 liked the hunt
griffin hathaway
10/20/2013 lots of fun!
10/20/2013 history matters fdr Franklin D.Roosevelt. The Onlything we have to fear is fear its self
10/20/2013 thanks for this fun homework
10/21/2013 my favorite quote is 'heard melody's are sweet but unheard are sweeter'
hannah carpenter
10/21/2013 Thanks for this awesome homework. I can tell you put a lot of hardwork into it.
Haley Meely
10/21/2013 Fffuuunnn scavenger hunt
Cole Dillingham
10/21/2013 Thanks for the hunt!
ethan grunst
10/22/2013 Just play. Have fun. Enjoy the game. by: Michael Jordan
jackson mills
10/22/2013 thanks the scavenge hunt was awesome
jackson mills
10/22/2013 I can't Find your bio page!!! I NEED HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Rebecca Dennison
10/23/2013 6)George Wang's 7)right brain 55.8 left brain 45.2 8)"Dance like no one is watching. 9)basketball 10) ?
daryn propps
jei website scavenger hunt
10/23/2013 Sherlock Holmes. Favorite book character
10/24/2013 I am 54% right brain and 46% left brain.
audrey ewing
10/24/2013 this scavenger hunt was fun
kashun haye
tulsa school
10/24/2013 finished my writing assinment mrs.swagerty -conner ward
conner ward
tulsa student
11/11/2013 my favorite quote is, "Hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard -Tim Notke
kashun haye
tulsa school
10/30/2014 My Favorite Quote Is 4 score and 7 years ago... I think... I just like it mainly because people use it in jokes a lot and also it was in a famous speech that's a important part of American history ThePolishHacker(Justin) Tulsa OK Swagerty HW
10/30/2014 Liked the scavenger hunt
Alondra Q
Tulsa Feedback
11/10/2014 your favorite childrens book is mr brown can moo can you?
wesley cupp
11/21/2014 I can relate to the quote where theres a email on every commercial
11/21/2014 MY favorite quote is " just do it"
11/21/2014 I got a 53.2% for right brain and 46.8 for left brain.
Annie W ang
11/21/2014 the superman one
Brecken Fisher