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School Counseling Program

by Amy Berkinshaw


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What does a school
counselor DO?
    The primary role of a school counselor is to help students learn and develop to their highest potential, socially, emotionally, and academically. Because there are so many situations that interfere with a child’s learning process, I am here to help students work through those concerns. I provide
students with early interventions as well as preventative strategies so that ALL
students benefit. Counseling is a nonjudgmental, safe environment for everyone. The counselor is not a disciplinarian or a therapist.

    Small group counseling is available to ALL students in need, and may be requested by parents, students, or school staff. Parental permission is required. Groups are designed so that students may gather together in a confidential setting to work through a concern that is preventing them from doing their best in school. They have the opportunity to interact and connect
with peers, practice new skills, provide and receive feedback, and set goals as needed.

Group topics may include:
�� Friendship
�� Behavior Management
�� Changing Families/Divorce
�� Social Skills
�� Grief / Loss
�� Anxiety / Stress

Groups will be scheduled for 30 minutes
per week for 6 weeks.  I will then conference with the teacher and parents to discuss further small group time.

Please e-mail or call if you would like your child to participate in small group guidance.

    Individual counseling is available to ALL students in need, at the request of the student, parent, or staff member. While students may see me at any time for brief discussions, parental permission is required prior to a series of planned sessions. Students are able to express concerns in a safe environment, where problem solving can then take place.

    I will teach lessons in the classroom throughout the year. My goal is to address developmental concerns common to ALL elementary school-aged students. Topics will include character education, friendship, bullying, diversity, study skills, understanding/accepting self and others, team-building, and goal setting. I will visit each classroom once a month for 30 minutes.


*Character Education– a school-wide program to teach, promote, and recognize good character traits among students. Bullying awareness and education also addressed.
*Consultation/Collaboration with teachers
*Parenting Skills – meetings/referrals available upon request, as well as education classes offered by the district throughout the year.

Counseling Techniques
Techniques used in classroom,
individual, and group counseling

�� Role-playing
�� Hands-on Activities
�� Stories/Books
�� Counseling Games
�� Skill Building
�� Goal Setting
�� Student Contracts
�� Worksheets
�� Art Media
�� Discussions
�� Puppetry
�� Videos, Music
�� Journaling

Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a harder battle.


Check out helpful materials from the Counseling office.  

Amy Berkinshaw                                        Kristen Young
JSE School Counselor                               JSE Part Time Counselor
amy.berkinshaw@jenksps.org                   kristen.young@jenks.org 
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