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Language Arts

by Becky Kiner


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Novel Studies for the year: 
  • The Outsiders
  •  Crooked River
Battle of the Books: It is not required in my class. However, as I stated in my classes, if their team takes a field trip related to the book and they don’t read it, they don’t go on the field trip. When the students take the test, if they score 50% or better, they earn 100 extra credit points to be used in my Language Arts class. They are given 6 weeks to read the book. Below, the books are listed in the order that they will be read. Some of the books have an audio CD, that may be purchased individually. I will include the site to locate these CD’s. Each Friday, we will be having a class discussion. I will let the students know which chapter they should be on for the discussion. I would really like to encourage you to read with your child. I know that life is hectic, but it creates a wonderful bonding opportunity for the two of you.
Book Title                             Test Date                      Audio CD available
1st semester:
The Schwa was Here             to be determined             www.randomhouse.com
Life As We Knew It               to be determined            www.randomhouse.com
Uglies                                    to be determined                not available
2nd semester:
Notes from the Midnight Driver    TBD                            not available
Rules of Survival                    to be determined            www.randomhouse.com
Devil on My Heels                  to be determined                 not available
We will also be reading from our new Literature Books. I only have a class set, so if students need to do work at home, they need to access the website. The information is listed below:
Activation Code: 2565943-30
Product Name: McDougal Littell Literature Grade 8 – eEdition
ISBN# 9780618965823