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May we send show and tell?

   We will have a day or two each month that the children can bring a show and tell item.  


How does the snack rotation work?


   In August, parents will be given the opportunity to sign-up their child for

   a day to bring for the entire class.  For the remainder of the year I will

  send out an e-mail requesting more snack as we have run low.  


May my child bring birthday treats for the class?


   Yes, we love to celebrate each child's birthday.  Treats must be store

   bought.  Please send 22 for the children.  If you would like to be there for

   the celebration let us know.  We would love to have you.  Remember no

   peanut products, please!



What can my child bring for snack?


   Boxes of fruit including raisins and cranberries, packages of fruit cups (packaged in water or light syrup), packages of applesauce, packages of Chex Mix, baked/light chips with no transfat, packages of crackers with no transfat, bags of animal crackers, boxes of baked fish crackers, bags of pretzel sticks or twists, boxes of multi-grain bars, packages of fig bars, packages of fruit snacks.   Please remember no peanut products!  Thanks so much.


Can my child bring toys to school?


   Please refrain from allowing toys to come to school. Things can be lost

   or misplaced and we do not want your child's day ruined because of a

   lost toy.

Can I help in the classroom?


   Absolutely! We will have reading activities every week as well as many

   other opportunities to help.  Please check out and go to the volunteer

   orientation at the beginning of the year to understand all of the policies

   and procedures.


What time is Pre-K?


   We begin at 8:15.  You may start dropping off at 8:00.   Please be prompt.   They also get worried if

   they are the last to be picked up.


Can my child go home with a friend?


   Of course!  Please let us know by sending a note as to who the child will

   be going home with.  We will not dismiss anyone without it and there

   will also be no confusion at the end of the day. If this is and ongoing

   playdate, ie:  Going home with Johnny every Wednesday.  The parent's

   name and phone number needs to be on your emergency pickup list in
   the office.