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Welcome to Miss Love's Website

by Cathey Love


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Both of the art teachers at JEI collaborate to coordinate their assignments and align them with national, state, and district standards.  Our department's philosophy is to continue building on students' knowledge of the Elements of Art and Principles of Design.

Students in fifth grade art work with a variety of media including: watercolor paints, tempera paints, clay, glazes, pencils, printmaking inks, markers, pastels, collage, and fibers for weaving.  Students also get the opportunity to keep a sketchbook of art vocabulary and drawing assignments, which sets a good standard for students wishing to continue in the visual arts later in school.

Students in sixth grade build on their fifth grade art experiences, using many of the same media but exploring them in a more in-depth manner.

Our department's professional goal is to incorporate literacy in addition to the visual arts curriculum; students are given the experience of using their own artwork as inspiration for creative writing.  Even reluctant writers are enthusiastic to write about artwork that they have created!