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Welcome to my website where you'll find information and updates about things happening in the classroom, at our site, and across the district.


Morrow's Messanger

The school year is flying by so quickly.  Here are some helpful hints for homework time with your student:

1.  Don't let frustration, anxiety, and tension stand in the way of successful homework help. 

    - Walk away, take a short break, and come back.  A short break can be beneficial to all         parties involved!

2.  Find the best time for your student to complete homework, whether it's right after school     or after a good dinner.  Remember, we do not all work the same and your student may     concentrate better at a different time of the day than you.

3.  During your 20 minute reading time, make sure your student is reading a book at his/her     just right level.  A good way to gauge this is if the student has trouble decoding three or     more words per page, the book is too hard.

    - If this happens, I am more than happy to help your student select some just right books!

4. Another helpful hint for reading time at home; it is okay to count the time that you read to your student.  You can also do echo reading (you read and your child echos you) to show your student what good fluency sounds like, and choral reading (reading simultaneously.)

    - These are fun ways to get your student to read if reading has become boring or mundane.

I hope you find these tips to be helpful.  If you would like further advice, feel free to email me at kristen.morrow@jenksps.org.