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Gifted Services


Northwest Gifted Services

Our mission is to identify and intellectually challenge gifted students with appropriate learning experiences rich in depth and complexity through differentiation of instruction and learning environments.



For testing dates please see the district Gifted Services Page under the "Parents" tab and then "Student Programs."


What does CogAT measure?

CogAT measures learned reasoning and problem-solving skills in three different areas: verbal, quantitative, and nonverbal. Reasoning skills develop gradually throughout a person’s lifetime and at different rates for different individuals. Reasoning abilities are good predictors of success in school and are important outcomes of good schooling. CogAT does not measure such factors as effort, attention, motivation, and work habits, which also contribute importantly to school achievement.


How do the three batteries of CogAT differ?

1. The Verbal Battery measures flexibility, fluency, and adaptability in reasoning with verbal materials and in solving verbal problems. These reasoning abilities play an important role in reading comprehension, critical thinking, writing, and virtually all verbal learning tasks.

2. The Quantitative Battery measures quantitative reasoning skills; flexibility and fluency in working with quantitative symbols and concepts; and the ability to organize, structure, and give meaning to an unordered set of numerals and mathematical symbols. These reasoning skills are significantly related to problem solving in mathematics and other disciplines.

3. The Nonverbal Battery measures reasoning using geometric shapes and figures. To perform successfully, students must invent strategies for solving novel problems. They must be flexible in using these strategies and accurate in implementing them. How often can my child take the CogAT? Students may take the CogAT one time per calendar year. For example, if a student takes the test in September, he/she cannot take it again when it's offered in the spring...but would have to wait until the following September.


What if I miss a deadline for paperwork?

Unfortunately, dates are very firm. The district must adhere to strict guidelines for all testing. Please check our calendar often and call or email us with any questions.


How will I receive my child's CogAT scores?

The scores will be mailed to your home 4-6 weeks after testing is complete.


What are the requirements to quality a child for Gifted Services in JPS?

Students must score a 97% or higher in the Age Percentile Rank (APR) on the CogAT to be automatically qualified. Students scoring close to 97% can sometimes be "matrixed" into the program. Checklists are filled out by parents and the child's current teacher and any available achievement test scores are also included. Students must have a certain number of "points" using these factors (CoGat score, checklists, achievement test scores) to qualify on a matrix.


How are Identified Gifted Students served at Northwest?

Service options at our campus are coordinated to guide the development of our gifted students and to prepare them for the next segment of gifted services at the intermediate level.  Our gifted educational services are ongoing and a part of the regular school day. Classroom teachers provide "Appropriate Flexible Pacing" (as outlined in the Gifted Educational Plan for the district) which includes individualization of instruction, differentiated or enriched classes, independent study, cluster grouping, curriculum compacting, and technology opportunities. Classroom teachers also collaborate with the gifted specialist to meet each child's needs.  The gifted coordinator regularly provides additional opportunities for gifted students in a small group lab setting.  


Contact Information for Northwest's Gifted Coordinator

Sarah Onorato


918-299-4415 x1726