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Coach Simmons

Lifetime Activities



It is the intent of this course to teach students self-discipline and self-confidence, as well as educate them about lifetime activities that they may use even after the completion of this course.  Students will be evaluated on: activity participation, dressing out in the appropriate clothing, ability to follow directions, cooperation with classmates/teacher, and maintaining a proper attitude/behavior in accordance with teacher expectations.  

Course Objective:
 Introduce students to basic skills and rules of various activities and sports.
 Teach students stretching techniques to increase flexibility and help prevent injuries.
 Involve students in various cardiovascular activities.
 Encourage students to develop good sportsmanship skills.
 Teach student show lifetime activities can improve self-concept, self-discipline, and social interaction.
 Teach students basic information on health topics such as: personal hygiene, nutrition, drugs and alcohol, smoking, safety and first aid, and the benefits of exercise.  

Dress Requirements:
 Gray Jenks P.E. t-shirt.
 Maroon Jenks P.E. shorts.
 Socks.
 Tennis shoes.
 No shoes without heels are allowed.  

 All students begin the semester with a 100% average.
 Each day a student fails to dress out in any of the three items, they lose three points from their grade.
 If the student chooses not to participate in an activity, points may be taken off their grade.
 If a student is ill or injured, a note from a parent or doctor will excuse them from participation.
 Extra credit work is available to make up for points deducted from their grade, but it is the responsibility of the student to inquire what type of work may be done to receive credit.  

Class Procedure:
 Students are expected to bring their own lock to class to lock up their school clothes or valuables during PE class.  They will not be allowed to leave their PE clothes in the locker outside of their class time due to the large number of students using the lockers throughout the day.  
 Teachers will not be responsible for items lost or stolen out of the locker room.
 Students are expected to be on time to class.
 Students are expected to follow directions, cooperate with teachers and other students, and express a positive attitude at all times.  


 1. Be on time.
 2. Bring a lock.
 3. Stay in locker room after you are dressed.
 4. NO half court shots.
 5. Sit down at the end of choice days, when the whistle is blown.
 6. Do NOT touch the curtain.
 7. Do NOT hang on the rim or net.
 8. Do NOT leave gym without permission.
 9. Do NOT peg people.
10. Do NOT kick basketball or volleyballs.
11. Do NOT hit ceiling or lights with any equipment.
12. Cannot be in gymnasium before 7:40, unless you have teacher’s permission.
13. No sports equipment from home, unless you have teacher’s permission.  
14. Cannot leave gym without having an agenda.
15. If not fully dressed out in uniform, you do NOT participate.  
16. When grade drops a letter grade, you call a parent and receive a d-hall.  
17. 1st tardy=warning, 2nd tardy=1 pt. off, 3rd=another pt. off and come in before school to
      run 6 laps.