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Welcome to Mrs. Blackshare's Webpage!! Math is FUN!!!


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Ms. Blackshare's Web Page

This is my 12th year to teach at Jenks Public Schools, 14th year to teach.  I received both my undergraduate and graduate degrees from Oklahoma State University (although I still root for OU as long as they are not playing OSU).  My degrees are in Secondary Mathematics and Curriculum and Instruction.  I have always lived in Oklahoma, but was raised in a very small town where my dad is still a farmer.  In a small town, everyone is encouraged to do all the extra-curricular activities available so that there are enough students to make a team.  This has helped me to be well rounded as a teacher.

I am the 8th grade math department head and I teach Algebra 1 and Algebra 2 this year.  I love math and I love teaching middle school students.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to email.

Thanks, Jennifer Blackshare


Algebra 1 and 2
Course Syllabus
Ms. Jennifer Blackshare

Students are responsible for having the following materials in class each day:
• A 3-ring binder with pockets and loose-leaf paper
• A red grading pen
• Pencils, pencils, pencils…all work must be done in pencil. I prefer mechanical pencils because they won’t need sharpening.
• Graphing paper

Homework and daily work
Students will be given daily assignments to reinforce skills learned in class. The assignment given will be written on the classroom agenda. This is what the students are expected to write in their own agenda. The length of these assignments will vary based on the skill(s) we are working on. Each assignment should be labeled with student’s name, hour, as well as the page number and problems assigned. We will discuss the previous day’s assignments each day. Some of these assignments will then be taken up and recorded.

Quizzes will be given about once a week. They will consist of 5-10 questions. Some questions will be randomly selected from homework and some questions will be from other sources. The purpose of these quizzes is not to be difficult, but to keep students accountable for keeping up with the curriculum.

Tests usually occur every 2-3 weeks. Tests are usually given at the end of a chapter. Some chapters are cut into two tests, but students will know ahead of time when the tests will occur.

Absent work
When students are absent, they are responsible for looking at the classroom agenda to see the assignment that was missed. I will follow the student handbook as to when the students need to get the missing work turned in (one day for each day absent). If you need extra explanation, please come in for help as soon as possible to prevent getting further behind.

Late work
I will follow the Jenks Middle School late work policy.

Extra help
I am available after school until 3:00. Because things can change in my schedule, please let me know if you intend on coming in for help, if possible. I know that some students must ride the bus home and in that case, we can make plans during homebase or before school. It is very important to me that all students feel they can get help whenever needed so please don’t be afraid to talk to me and we will find a time.

Each student’s grade will be based on the following percentages:
• Tests 50%
• Quizzes 20%
• Homework 20%
• Final 10%

Classroom expectations
• RESPECT—Students are expected to be respectful of themselves, their classmates and their teacher. They can expect respect from me as well.
• Students are expected to participate in classroom activities, ASK QUESTIONS, and make time to get help when necessary.
• Students are expected to be in their seats with all classroom materials and ready to learn when the bell rings.
• Students are expected to follow all JMS rules outlined in the student handbook.

Contact information
Email: jennifer.blackshare@jenksps.org (most effective way to communicate)
Phone: 299-4415 ext. 5781
Room: 1403

QUALIFICATIONS: I have a Bachelor’s degree in Secondary Mathematics and a Masters degree in Curriculum and Instruction. I am certified to teach the following classes: Calculus, Trigonometry, Analytic Geometry, Statistics, Algebra, Linear Algebra, Middle School Mathematics, and Computers.

STUDENT ASSIGNMENTS:  The students will be given an assignment almost daily.  The assignments are posted each day in the classroom on the agenda mate.  This is what the students should be putting into their agendas DAILY.  If a student is absent, he/she can consult this agenda mate to discover the assignment missed.  If parents are wanting to know what we are doing in class, they should be able to look in the students agenda to find out this information.