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Middle School Media Center

The Middle School Media Center provides books, periodicals and media from movies to computerized databases to support the middle school curriculum and to encourage recreational reading among middle schoolers.

A to Z Advice about your media center: 

Advice - A Media Center is more than just a library, it's an information center where you can find out by watching, inquiring, listening and studying a wide variety of information resources. If you can't find what you want just -- - ask! We may be able to help anyway. The Media Center provides information and services but the librarian can provide advice. The advice may help you to use resources you may have found or help you to find the resources which you need. If in doubt ask a librarian. At least two adults are on duty throughout the day so you have expert advice available at all times.

Books - The Media Center houses at least 17,000 titles of books including non-fiction and fiction as well as a reference collection .

Card catalog - The card catalog is automated and students and faculty have access not only in the Media Center but throughout the Middle School . The card catalog may be accessed either in the classroom or the CAI lab through the computer workstations.

Databases - The student has access to Electric Library (an on-line library database) and EBSCO, a magazine database. Electric Library is accessible throughout the Middle School on the student workstations and the CAI lab. The EBSCO magazine index is accessible in the Media Center. The librarian through the course of the year will instruct students on how to use both databases.

Equipment - Students and faculty have access to a multitude of equipment such as computers, digital cameras, scanners, printers (color and B&W), copy stands, cassette players, camcorders, video recorders, and laminators.

Fiction - The fiction section is clearly marked in the Media Center. Books are on the shelf in alphabetical order according to the authors' last name. In this particular Media Center we use the first three letters of the authors' last name. We only include titles that have been recommended by a reputable reviewing source.

Good Manners - Be respectful of fellow students, staff and property while in the library.

Head of the Media Center - Mrs. Johnson is the librarian and has been with the school district for 25 years. You may e-mail her or call her at EXT. 5309.

Internet policy - Students have access to the Internet in the Middle School via the classroom computers, the CAI lab and the computer classroom. Before accessing the Internet the students must read the District Internet policy and sign the Internet agreement policy.

Just for fun reading - Journals, newspapers and magazines. Fiction, Fiction, Fiction.

K Symbol for Potassium - Potassium can be found in the Natural Sciences section 500-599.

Layout of the school - The Middle School was built 1998 with one wing completed in the summer of 1999 , the 200 & 300 wing in 2000. Please note the location of the media center to the layout of the building.

Map of the Media Center

Newspapers - The Middle School Media Center subscribes to the Tulsa World, Jenks Journal and USA Today. These newspapers may be read in the Media Center but may not be checked out.

Overdues - When a student has an overdue book he/she is notified through the homebase teacher. It is the responsibility of the student to follow through on the overdue book, whether he/she would like to renew or return the book. Students may check out a book for two weeks before it is due back to the Media Center.

Photocopier - A copy machine is available for the students to use in the Media Center. The charge is 10 cents. A copy of the copyright policy is available upon request. Remember also that often a little thought and study will reduce the need for photocopies. Making notes from a text and thinking carefully about the key points may be more productive --and will be cheaper.

Quirky Information - Check out the Guinness Book of World Records.

Rules of the Media Center - The Media Center is open to anyone but can only seat 80 people. The hours are from 7:30 in the morning until 3:15 in the afternoon. We expect your behavior to be of a high standard-considerate towards others and to the equipment and resources available. Some sensible guidelines are essential if the Media Center is to work effectively. Common sense will suggest the obvious rules but some specific points are included here for your information:

  1. All resources will be taken to the circulation desk for borrowing or returning.
  2. You are allowed to check-out a book for two weeks, and renew once after that. Periodicals, newspapers, reference books may not be checked out.
  3. Damaged or lost items will be paid for. In case of loss this will be the cost price of the item.
  4. While we hope it is not necessary, the librarian reserves the right either to ban anyone from the Media Center , to withdraw their right to borrow resources , or restrict computer access if their behavior or their treatment of resources is considered antisocial.

Services - Check out books, help students find books, make change, teach library use skills, etc.

Technology - The Media Center has a wide variety of Technology items available to both the students and the teachers. Technology-based items include the Multi-Media Retrieval system, computers, on-line databases, digital cameras, computers, video cameras, computers, scanners, laser discs.

Untold wealth of information - If having problems locating materials in the Media Center just ask for help.

Volumes of new books - Volumes of new books are being added each year; the bond election allows us funds to purchase new books.

World - A world of information made available to you.

X-rated - We do not allow access to games, video or computer.

You - The person we are serving!

Zzzzzzz - not allowed.


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