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Middle School Home

"A school where lifelong learning is valued, excellence is expected,
and improvement is continuous."

Site Principal
Dr. Nick Brown |  5303

                             Assistant Principals                                                  Office  Numbers

                    Nancy Vanderlip  |  A-G  |  5303                                      Main Office    5300

                    Megan Jackson    |  H-N  |  5302                                     Attendance   5301

                    Jennifer Blackshare  |  O-Z  | 5304                                 Registrar      5314

                                                                                                               Nurse           5482

FALL 2016-2017 Schedule Pickup Dates:

 August 4th & 5th, 2016
8:00am - 11:00am and 1:00pm - 3:00pm

2015-16 JMS Report Card

Annual Notice of Bullying Policy

Per the legislative mandate embodied in the School Safety and Bullying Prevention Act, 70 OKLA. STAT. § 24-100.2 et seq. Jenks Public Schools expects students to refrain from bullying. Bullying is expressly forbidden and students who bully are subject to disciplinary consequences as outlined in the district’s policy on student behavior. Jenks Public Schools Policy 3.33, Student Bullying, may be found In the Jenks Public Schools Policies and Procedures Handbook, in all student handbooks, or by clicking this link “Bullying Policy”  or the quick link found on the JPS District Homepage.

6th to 7th Grade Enrollment Guide     

6th to 7th Grade Informational Enrollment Video

7th to 8th Gr Course Enrollment Guide

7th to 8th Grade Avid Application

8th to 9th Gr Course Enrollment Guide

15-16 JMS Bell Schedule

JMS Student Handbook 2015-16

Jenks Middle School Grading and Late Work Policy 2015-16

Please check the Canvas "Parent Resources" link for middle school information.


Mission Statement of Jenks Middle School: 

We, the community of Jenks Public Schools, will provide all children, during their transitional years, a positive, balanced learning environment in which they can successfully achieve their unique potential based on respect for self and others. Revised by the Board of Education, June 1998

Middle School Rights: 

1.  Everyone has the right to be safe.

2.  Teachers have a right to teach.

3.  Students have the right to learn.


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