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AVID II – Class of 2016

Instructor: Jinafer Brown
E-mail: jinafer.brown@jenksps.org
Phone: 299-4415  x2671

COURSE OBJECTIVE:  The AVID elective is the key element for the AVID program.  The AVID program is aimed at directing students to a college-bound path. This will be done by holding tutorials, teaching organizational skills, and developing the learning process with critical thinking skills.  We will also be taking field trips, listening to guest speakers, and participating in team building exercises to help the student set future goals that they can achieve.

TUTORIALS:  Twice a week the students will be expected to bring specific questions from their other classes and work together in groups to solve them.  Ideally there will also be two or three tutors in addition to the instructor to guide them though the process.  Tutors will not be handing out answers, but helping the students find the answers themselves.  

ORGANIZATIONAL SKILLS:  Student will be expected to keep a large three ring binder (with dividers) with all the notes and materials from their other classes.  They will be taught how to organize the binder and it will be checked on tutorial days.  Within the binder they will also be taking Cornell Style notes, which will organize their review material and their learning.

CRITICAL THINKING SKILLS: Twice a week students will be engaged in activities designed to develop the learning process.  These activities include writing assignments, Socratic Seminars, group problem solving and in class projects.  We will also be doing goal setting and a plan of how to achieve their goals.

CORNELL NOTES:  Each student will be required to complete a total of 6 pages of notes and/or learning logs per tutorial from all classes.  In order to count as a page, the notes should be complete with the left and right sides completed, as well as the summary section.

GRADING POLICY: Grades will be determined using the following categories:
Tutorials/Binders 50%
Projects/Tests 20%
Daily Assignments 20%
Final Exam 10%

HOMEWORK: Homework will be primarily to keep up with and be organized in other subjects, to be prepared for tutorials, and other activities in the elective class.

STUDENT CONTRACT: Is it also required that each student and parent sign a contract committing to the AVID program. Students that do not maintain the terms of the contract will be placed on probation in the AVID program and parents will be contacted to schedule a conference.
AGENDA:  Each student purchased an agenda during enrollment.  It is expected that you use the agenda on a daily basis in all of your classes.  One of the major goals of AVID is organization and planning.  Your agenda will be checked with your binder on tutorial days.

CLASSROOM EXPECTATIONS:  I expect you to be respectful of yourself and others, be responsible for your own actions, and be prepared for class.  I also expect you to be on time for class and to have good attendance overall.

MISCELLANEOUS RULES:  No food or drink is allowed in the classroom, with the exception of bottled water.  When we go to the computer lab, you are expected to be working on the assignment – inappropriate use of the computer will result in a loss of computer access.

A Note about AVID:
AVID stands for “Advancement Via Individual Determination”.  The “individual” part is very important.  AVID students must be willing to work hard to achieve the goals of taking advanced courses, improving study skills and course grades, and during their senior year, admittance to a 4-year university.  

As an AVID teacher, it is my responsibility to provide a path for every one of my AVID students to find academic success.  I will meet weekly with every student to discuss their progress in their classes and communicate successes and setbacks with the students, parents, and teachers.  I am here as a student advocate, mentor, and teacher.  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me as soon as possible.

I look forward to working with you this year!!
Mrs. Brown

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