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Severe Allergies

Classroom teachers will be notified of any student in their class with severe allergies at the beginning of the school year. Specials teachers are notified of students with severe allergies as well. Severe Allergic Reaction/Anaphylaxis training is provided to every teacher with a student who has severe allergies.  In addition, parents are asked to complete an Asthma/Allergy Action Card in the Nurse’s office.

Minimizing Exposure to Allergens at School

At Jenks Public Schools, we take our responsibility to keep children safe very seriously. We have a detailed plan on how to prevent exposure to these foods and how to treat them, should they occur. However, we cannot do it alone. We need teachers, parents, caregivers, siblings and friends to work with us to create a safe school environment for all children.

Any individual child has the right to bring any individual snack or lunch item to school. JPS cannot, by law, prohibit individual students from bringing peanut or nut products for themselves.  However, we do NOT accept any snacks meant for classroom consumption (i.e. snack time, parties, etc.) that contain peanut or other nut products and oils. All foods for class parties must be commercially prepared and have a food ingredient label.

*Parents of affected students should provide a complete list of foods and ingredients to avoid for their child

*Do not bring latex gloves or latex balloons to school (mylar balloons are fine)

Treating an Exposure or Allergic Reaction

Students reporting to the Clinic with possible severe allergic reaction symptoms will always be accompanied by an escort.

In the event of an exposure or a suspected allergic reaction, most students will require immediate intervention via injection of Epinephrine (Epi-pen).  The Nurse’s office requests an Epi-pen from each student with life-threatening allergies. Epi-pens are kept in the Nursing office. Epi-pens will be sent (along with the First Aid Kit) on Field Trips for affected students.