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Will teachers contact parents about sick students and send them home from the classroom?

NO. Ill students need to be sent to the Nurse to have their illness assessed and medication administered (if indicated and appropriate), and to be isolated from other, healthy, students in your classroom. In addition, the Nurse can provide pertinent medical information to parents about their student’s condition. The Nurse and parent together will make a determination about a student going home due to illness. Information from the teacher is always appreciated and taken into consideration upon assessment.

When are parents called?

As a general rule, parents will be contacted when a child:

                Has an accident at school that will likely leave a bruise or mark

                Has repeated visits to the nurse in one day

These calls are “courtesy” calls and will be made, time permitting, at the discretion of the nurse.

Parents will ALWAYS be called when: a child requests to call parent or a child is being sent home for illness or other matters.

When are students sent home from the Nurse?

Students are sent home for fever 100.4 or greater. Children sent home with fever must stay home until fever-free (without anti-fever medication such as Tylenol) for 24 hrs.

Vomiting students are sent home (unless extenuating circumstances, i.e. ate too fast, took a bite too big, “grossed-out”, etc.)

Diarrhea (depending on frequency and severity)

Head lice

Chicken pox