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Reading Strategies

An overview of reading strategies used by proficient readers

We are learning the secrets of strategic readers.  Here are the reading strategies we are learning:

1.) Monitoring Comprehension- When readers monitor their comprehension, they keep track of their thinking while reading. They listen to the voice in their head that speaks to them as the read. They notice when the text makes sense or when it doesn't.

2.) Use Fix up Strategies- Readers "fix up" their comprehension by using a variety of strategies including stopping to refocus thinking, rereading, and reading on. 

3.) Activate Background Knowledge/ Make Connections- The background knowledge we bring to our reading colors every aspect of our learning and understanding. You simply can't understand what you read without thinking about what you already know. Readers must connect the new to the known. 

4.) Infer Meaning- Drawing conclusions and inferring is a vital part of reading.  Inferring involves drawing a conclusion or making an interpretation about information that is not specifically stated in the text. Readers infer the themes and meaning of books, the meanings of unknown words, and draw other logical conclusions while reading, using the text as a basis for all inferences.

5.) Determine Importance- Not everything we read is of equal importance.  Strategic readers know how to sift the interesting information authors include from the important information authors include.  

6.) Summarize and Synthesize- Strategic readers merge new information with existing knowledge for a more complete understanding of the text.  While distilling text into a few important ideas, readers often develop a new perspective or gain new insight.



For more in depth information, I recommend The 7 Keys to Comprehension: How to Help Your Kids Read it and Get it, by Susan Zimmermann.