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Jenks High School Advisory Guidelines

            (Teacher Edition rev. 8/27/10)

The Advisory period provides an opportunity to further enhance classroom instruction and learning.  There are typically many activities which can take away from the student's academic learning time.  With few exceptions, these activities will take place during the Advisory period.  Listed below are appropriate Advisory activities.  (Items 1-5 take priority over items 6-13.)

1.     CAP Meetings and Guidance Services presentations
2.     State mandated testing
3.     Assemblies
4.     Teacher help/tutoring
5.     Make-up tests
6.     Use of media center
7.     Curricular club meetings and grade-level class meetings
8.     Announcements
9.     Distribution of information
10.   College rep visits
11.   Service learning projects
12.   Counseling support groups
13.   Study time

Teachers may (and are expected to) require a student to come to their classroom during Advisory for help, make-up work, etc.  This teacher request takes priority over the student attending a club meeting.

It is of the utmost importance that all teachers be consistent in following the Advisory guidelines.  While there will be many activities occurring during Advisory, one of the top priorities of this time is for teachers to be available to the students in their classes for help/tutoring.  Students are expected to have something to work on, a book to read or to be participating in one of the above mentioned activities.  Teachers are expected to establish a Advisory classroom environment which is conducive to enabling students to work on their assignments.

1.  ATTENDANCE:  All students are required to report to Advisory for the first five minutes of class before attending any meetings and are to return for the last five minutes of Advisory.  Please check attendance both at the beginning and the end of class. Any student who is tardy must have a pass.  If not, they are to receive an unexcused tardy.

3.  SIGN IN/OUT SHEET:  Each Advisory teacher will keep a sign in/out sheet to account for their Advisory students.

4.  CLUB MEETINGS:  All club meetings are to be scheduled through Ms. Haight in the Principal's Office.  Each club will have the opportunity to meet once per month during Advisory.  Each student must return to Advisory after the meeting with a pass from the sponsor.  

a.   Advisory (Seminar) passes to the Media Center may be given by teachers 
        or Media Center staff.  Agenda or Hall Passes are not accepted.
b.   Students must pre-sign up in the Media Center.  They may begin pre-
        signing one week in advance.  There is a limit of a total of 70 students.
c.   Passes must be signed by the Advisory teacher including the time the     
        student left class or else students will be sent back to do so.
d.   Students must have work to do or they will be sent back to their Advisory class.
e.   No group projects should be worked on in the Media Center during 
f.   Drop-in’s for quick book check in/out or photocopying is permitted with an Advisory pass.

6.  TEACHER VISIT:  If a student is to report to a teacher during Advisory for help, make-up work, etc., the classroom teacher is to give the student a "Advisory Pass" which the student will show to the Advisory  teacher in order to be excused.  The student is required to return to Advisory at the designated time or by the end of the period.

•All students will return to Advisory before the end of the period.
•Advisory teachers will keep all used "Advisory Passes".
•Advisory teachers who are club sponsors are to contact Alice Haight at least 
 one week in advance if a "relief teacher" is needed to cover your Advisory 
 during your club meeting.
•Teachers are to accompany their Advisory to assemblies.
•Any student in the hall during Advisory should have a pass.
•No food or drink is allowed during Advisory.