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Latin I

Syllabus - Print off and review with a guardian. Bring back signed syllabus to class by August 26th for a homework grade.

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Homework 10-30-2013: Copy out each sentence by hand 2x

Hoc est poculum meum/tuum/eius

Poculum tuum volō

Poculum meum habeō

Ego tibi dō poculum meum


Haec sunt saxa mea/tua/eius

Pocula tua volō

Pocula mea habeō

Ego tibi dō pocula mea

Hic est ramulus meus/tuus/eius

Ramulum tuum volō

Ramulum meum habeō

Ego tibi dō ramulum meum


Hi sunt ramulī meī/tuī/eius

Ramulōs tuōs volō

Ramulōs meōs habeō

Ego tibi dō ramulōs meōs

Hic est flos meus/tuus/eius

Florem tuum volō

Florem meum habeō

Ego tibi dō florem meum


Hi sunt florēs meī/tuī/eius

Florēs tuōs volō

Florēs meōs habeō

Ego tibi dō florēs meōs

Haec est candela mea/tua/eius

Candelam tuam volō

Candelam meam habeō

Ego tibi dō candelam meam

Hae sunt candelae meae/tuae/eius

Candelās tuās volō

Candelās meās habeō

Ego tibi dō candelās meās


WAYK Powerpoints:

    Salve! Vale! Quid agis? - no pressure refresher version

    Quid est hoc - no pressure refresher version

    Meum, Tuum, Cuius est hoc

    Trader Joe - long!

Trader Joe Skit Rubric

Every member spoke

___/15 pts

Script ready and turned in after skit

___/15 pts

Totum Latine – no English!

___/20 pts

Content – present and correctly used:

  1. Volo/vis/visne   
  2. Habeo/habes/habesne
  3. Ego tibi do/tu mihi das/tune mihi das
  4. Capio/capis/capisne
  5. Trado/tradis/tradisne
  6. Surripio/surripis/surripisne
  7. Salve/salvete
  8. Vale/valete
  9. Quid tibi nomen est/mihi nomen est
  10. Quid agis? (Bene sum. Optime sum! Male sum. Pessime sum!)
  1. ___/6 pts
  2. ___/6 pts
  3. ___/6 pts
  4. ___/6 pts
  5. ___/6 pts
  6. ___/6 pts
  7. ___/3 pts
  8. ___/3 pts
  9. ___/4 pts
  10. ___/4 pts
  • Bonus content - present and correctly used:

                           Nolo, non vis, noli, nolite

                            Vult, Habet, Is dat/ea dat, capit, tradit, surripit

___ pts   *max 5*

Total Score _____/100  pts         


Vocabulary and Derivatives 

    Ch. 1 Vocab and Derivatives

    Ch. 2 Vocab and Derivatives

    Ch. 3 Vocab and Derivatives

    Ch. 4 Vocab and Derivatives

    Ch. 5 Vocab and Derivatives

    Ch. 6 Vocab and Derivatives

    Ch. 7 Vocab and Derivatives

    Ch. 8 Vocab and Derivatives

    Ch. 9 Vocab and Derivatives

    Ch. 10 Vocab and Derivatives

    Ch. 11 Vocab and Derivatives

    Ch. 12 Vocab and Derivatives

    Ch. 13 Vocab and Derivatives

    Ch. 14 Vocab and Derivatives

    Ch. 15 Vocab and Derivatives

    Ch. 16 Vocab and Derivatives


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