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Terms We Like to Throw Around

Acceleration - Curricula and services are adequately paced to meet the needs of children who have shown mastery in certain areas.

Advanced Placement (AP) courses - AP classes, which are different from honors courses, are college-level courses taught in high school that may garner college credit for the student if his or her final AP exam scores are sufficiently high.

Cluster Grouping - The deliberate process of grouping identified gifted students together in a regular classroom setting. The regular classroom teacher, with assistance from the teacher of the gifted, modifies the curriculum in each student's targeted areas. Therefore gifted students receive services on a continual basis, not just once or twice a week as in a pull-out program.

Compacting - Through this technique the curriculum is compressed or compacted in such a way that gifted students can complete it in less time. One means of doing this is to allow students to skip those units in which they have already attained 90% mastery and to streamline the follow-up content material.

Complexity - Adding more parts, steps, stages, or contexts

Curriculum Objectives - Student projects, lessons, activities must be driven by the JPS Curriculum requirements for that grade-level

Differentiation - Providing a curricula that is "different" due to the learning needs of each child. Some students require work that is more advanced or presented at a different pace, for example.  Teachers use pre-testing of units to know who needs differentiation of study.  All teachers in Jenks Public Schools have received training in differentiation and it is good for ALL students.

Flexible Skills Grouping - Allowing students to work in varying groups depending on skills possessed or interest in certain areas of learning

Interdisciplinary - Connecting a topic to other content areas

Interest Based Learning - Assignments that build on interests or passions of a student or group of students

Simulation - Role play to experience it

Telescoping - The student spends less time than usual in a course of study. The school may provide for the student to finish high school in 3 years rather than 4, for example.

Tiered Assignments - Versions of studying the same content with increased challenge levels provided