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Playground Rules

Playground Rules

Southeast Playground rules are made to protect all children on the playground and to keep us safe. For this reason it is important that everyone know and obey the following rules:

1. Stay within playground boundaries. (The pine trees on the north side of the soccer fields are a boundary.) One person may go after a ball that rolls down into the retention area.
2. Stay outside during recess. The only children allowed in the building during lunch recess will have a nurse pass or a written pass from an adult. You must bring jackets, toys, etc. with you to the cafeteria. You may not go into the unsupervised building to get something you forgot.
3. If a ball ( or other object) goes over the fence, you must let a playground assistant help you. No one will be allowed to climb over a fence or go into the parking lot or street except an adult.
4. All snacks must be eaten at the picnic tables by the south school entrance. Food, gum, and drinks may not be taken out to the playground. All wrappers must be thrown away.
5. No tackling.
6. No pyramid building or other unsafe gymnastics activities.
7. No pushing or pulling-this includes pulling on others clothing.
8. No karate or martial arts-real or pretend. No play fighting.
9. No throwing sand, rocks, sticks, or other objects.
10. No hard balls, bats, or unsafe play equipment.
11. Do not climb trees or crawl into the branches of the pine trees.
12. Leave branches, berries, nuts, leaves on the trees and bushes.
13. Use jump ropes for jumping only.
14. No wall ball.
15. No jumping off the play equipment.
16. The game of tag is not allowed on the play equipment. As of 2005-06 school year.
17. Three people at a time allowed on the tire swings. Swingers will sit on the swing with their legs in the center opening.
18. Digging is allowed in the marked off sand areas. Do not dig holes in the playground or under the trees.
19. Use only appropriate and friendly language.

If you need help at any time, find a playground assistant to help you. They are there to keep you safe. All children are responsible for their own behavior. Think before doing and make good choices. Act in a friendly way toward others. Be respectful of those around you. Be responsible and be safe.

All of our students are important to us and we want everyone
to have a safe and happy day...
every day!!