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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers are below...Please call or visit us if you have any questions or concerns!

Should I send my child to school if their fever is gone?

Anyone with a fever should not come to school because of the risk of
sharing germs. Stay home, be comfortable and get better soon.  If your child
has been without fever for 24 hours, they may return if they are feeling better.

What should I do if my child needs to take medicine during the day?

All medicine should be in the original container and brought to the clinic
and a permission slip signed. See our Medications page for complete

When can my child return to school if they were throwing up last night?

We need for your child to stay home 24hours after the last time they
have thrown up. This will insure they are better, and avoid getting other
children sick.

When will the nurse call a parent?

Parents will be notified when a child has an accident that is likely to
leave a bruise or mark, if your child has repeated visits to the clinic in
the same day or requests to call home.

When will your child be sent home?

Children will be asked to go home if their fever is over 100.4 or higher.
From the time they are sent home, we ask that you keep him/her for 24  hours since the last time they had fever.  Other reasons they will be asked to go home are if they vomit at school, have  head lice present in their hair, or have chicken pox.

What are the most common complaints in the Nurses' Office?

The two most common complaints in the Nurse' Office are headache and stomach ache. For headache, we take a temperature. If normal, we offer them ice, ask the child to lay down for 10-15 minutes and then return to class. If the headache persists or if the child asks for it, we may offer medication if permission has been signed on the child's enrollment form. For stomache ache, we take a temperature. If normal, we offer a soda cracker, ask the child to lay down for 10-15 minutes and then return to class. We reassure the child that stomachaches don't usually hurt all the time, but tend to come and go. Our goals in treating both of the above conditions are: To minimize the amount of time lost out of the classroom, and to keep the child as comfortable as possible to maximize their ability to learn while in the classroom.

What screenings are provided for my child?

During the year, we will conduct screenings and offer Health Education
classes as needed in all grade levels. Vision and hearing for all
students pre-K thru fourth (beginning with fourth graders in September
and ending with pre-K in February.) We provide Developmental
Education for fourth grade girls in January/February. Other Health Education classes as requested by teachers. For screenings, you will be notified if our results indicate a need to refer for more complete testing. As always, screenings are not to diagnose a problem but rather, to point out any possible areas that need further exploration. (See our calendar section for dates.)

What happens if my child needs a change of clothes at school?

It is always wise to keep a change of clothing in your child's backpack. This is especially important for children who prefer to wear their own clothes.However, in an emergency, the Nurses' Office may have a change of clothing available. . If your child borrows clothing, we ask that you wash it and return it to the nurse as soon as possible. If you have items to donate, we appreciate them.

If I have questions about the Nurses' office or my child, who do I call?

For other questions concerning our office procedures or your child's health, you are encouraged to call Beverly Burk at 299-4415, ext. 5805.

Can my child receive Tylenol/Ibuprofen while at school?

On the Enrollment/Health/Emergency form that is given to parents/guardians to complete and sigh each year there are questions requesting permission for the nurse to give your child acetamenophen (Tylenol) and /or ibuprofen (Advil/Motrin). The nursing staff will refer to this documentation to determine what authorization has been given for the use of these medications before they are administered.

Who should I notify if my child is sick, and will be absent from school?

If an absence is necessary a parent/gaurdian should notify the Attendance Office @ Southeast Elementary after 8:15am. The number is 299-4415 X5800.

Are students allowed to carry cough drops or throat lozenges at school?

If children need throat lozenges or cough drops for a day or two, we have some  in the Nurse’s Office. If they require more than that we ask that you send some with them in a ziplock bag, marked with the child’s name.  We will keep them in our office, and your child may have one when needed. They may be sent home with your child when they are no longer required.