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Fourth Grade Math Resources

Fourth Grade  Math Resources
Have fun with these links and sites! 

Math Sites to VIsit...all strands

Everyday Math activity link

Interractive Math...check this one out! Virtual Manipulatives are engaging and thought provoking!

Rainforest Maths....Measurement, Geometry, Algebra, Number Sense and more. Prepare to have a new favorite site to visit!

Figure This!! Math challenges for families....all strands

Calculators of all kinds....sales tax, your age in dog years....percentages...and more

Fourth Grade Eduplace Math-a-rama

AAA Math Fourth Grade Topics

Number Sense and Place Value

Number Sense Machine

The Function Machine

Double Digit Subtraction from 100....beat the clock!

Data Picking

Double the Donuts...how big can numbers really get?

Play Math Millionaire...if you dare!

Monday's Child...Figure This!

Basic Math Facts




Talking Calculator

Math Mayhem

Multiplication Matho Game


Math Baseball

All about Division

Spacey Math Fun


Play STOP THAT CREATURE!...what function is needed??

Probability and Statistics

Roll the Webdice

Brain-Pop Basic Probability Movie

Battling Averages...Figure this!

Two Points

Coin Toss Game

Estimation Fun....Jelly Bean Jostle


The Symmetrizer is on!

Money and Time

Let's play....Moneyopoli$!

Cookie Dough....check writing

Play "Buy It" with Little Farmer (choose a challenging level!)

Practice Lapsed Time

What Time is it?

Money Flashcards

Kid's Bank


Power Football Decimal Fun

Play Railroad Repair....Decimal Style

Late Delivery...be a decimal helper for Postman Phil!


Let's Play Animal Weigh In!

Can you Fill It
? Liquid Volume can be fun!

Scales can be interesting!

Can you run FAST AS A CAR?

Angle Measurement Game

Pour to Score

Wacky Ruler...Measurement and worms....how fun!

Perimeter and Area game....AIRLINE BUILDERS get busy!


Poodle Weigh In

Star Gazing


Equivalent Fractions...Make a Match!

Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Half...play this one!

Fraction Shootout!

Fraction Frenzy.....reduce to lowest terms


Tangrams....you can't do just one! 

Playing with Tangrams...even more!

Stamps....can you do it?

Angle and Line Facts

Graphing , Patterns, and more....

Pattern Quest

Challenge your graphing skills

Lunar Adventure...plotting coordinates

Need a piece of square dot  paper   or   graph paper ?

Bugs in the System....Bar Graph Fun


Send in the Trolls...data clusters

Drumming  Patterns
....let's do it!

Making Combinations with the Cybersquad